Kissing In Public: Obscenity or Not??

Well this is something I have been wondering about, not kissing :)  just thinking about the legal aspect of kissing in public. Which currently in our country comes under obscenity if done in a public place.
I have a friend who is currently in UK, he is completely fine even with couples having sex in public.
I have another friend who is totally against any form of cuddling in public. I am kind of unsure about the whole thing.
I feel that given current indian culture, such acts are totally not conducive to creating a family atmosphere. 

The reason I started this post today is cause we discussed this in my journo class yesterday and our professor came up with a very interesting point. He said that in the west if you go to parks and other public places most of them are very empty. So there a sexual act would be somewhat private. While in India if people started doing such stuff in public it would be havoc cause here most public places have a hundred people. And thus it would look really shabby if ten of them wanted to roll over each other.

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