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I have been busy, didn't realise it is almost a week since I posted :), I have a bunch of stuff to post.
So here goes...

Raj Thackeray's Arrest: Well it's great that it was done, but will we see a conviction or will in a few weeks the case disappear from news media and soon from memories of the people?

11 people die daily in Mumbai Local trains: Okay I don't know how these people who travel during peak hours live their life, I don't know their financial and other statuses BUT instead of risking your life every single day is it not better to consider a different life in a different city?? I am sure a lot of them can get relocated. Or consider getting a different job closer to your house!! IMHO!

Diwali Vacations: Let me wish all you readers a very happy diwali! I plan to take next week off and travel, though still considering where and how, since I haven't done any bookings. :p Any good ideas of places around mumbai where the stay and travel is inexpensive, do let me know.

I have also been writing features on bollywood for a website, you can check out my author page 

More later...

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