UN MDG Summit - Day 2

This day I was sick! So I personally did not attend it. The account I got is that there was a more focussed discussion and the participants had to make a presentation about a solution for their particular goal. (All the 300 odd participants were grouped into 8 for each MDG)

Once the presentation was done it was announced that the top 3 winner's ideas would be taken up by the UN and will get $ 3 billion funding each.

Knowing the group (since I was fated to attend the next two days), I am pretty aware of what kind of discussions must have taken place and if the money actually goes into these projects I would consider it misallocation of UN funds!

Simply because the age group was 15 yrs to 28 years! There had been no check about how much research the delegates had done. Moreover many of the delegates did not have the decency of listening other people out, they plainly threw their attitude around!

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