Communication : What has the 'other' understood?

I think communication is one of the most intrinsic aspect of one's life. The way you communicate has a huge say in how all your life's relations, events shape up!

An important aspect of communication is getting to know what the other person has understood. It is often very neglected, usually people talk but they don't listen and gauge is the other person getting the point I am trying to make??

Often I can be trying to make a certain point while the listener is thinking on some different track and he can get a very different understanding from the conversation.
So generally there should be a feedback loop, where one looks into what has the other person understood from what I said.

This feedback could be self generated like asking them 'have you understood ?' or 'what do you think .... ?' kinda stuff. More importantly listening to people's comments or vague ideas about what one is saying can also open up a whole new line of thought along with giving you an idea of the other person's understanding.

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