I find myself becoming techie....

...or so I like to think!
Since I started using Ubuntu, I also started using Pidgin. It allows many fancy things:

Multiple accounts:
It allows me to sign in with two of my gmail accounts simultaneously. I can also sign in with other services though haven't done that yet.

Where are the people signed in??
I can see where my chat friends are signed in from.
As I get my cursor on the persons name a box opens with status message and other details it shows Status (from) this from bracket allows me to see whether the person is using gtalk, gchat etc...

Has anyone blocked me:
A few days back I was wondering whether I can find out if anyone has blocked me
and I came across this
I dunno if it works cause apparently no one has blocked me ..... not that there is any reason for anyone to...

While I figured the above I am still not sure whether I have blocked anyone :p but slowly I do find myself becoming techie...

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