I found my Mobile!

Today was a very eventful day and I have to write this blog post, cause I have to tell this story to a lot of people :p

I left home for work with my cell phone at least thats what I thought. Cabbed it, cause I really didn't wanna walk in the afternoon heat. 
After a few hours at work I wanted to make a call and looked for my cell. I couldn't find it, I was pretty sure I had taken the cell phone and now I did not have it.

So I felt remorsely that I probably left it in the cab!! :( I called my cell hoping for some humane person to pick up and tell me that they will keep my phone with them until I can collect it. I called and found a woman on the other side, I asked whether it is 9xxxxxxxxx and she said yes, 
I : This is my phone you are using
She: What have you lost it or something crazy $8&^4
I: confused and speechless
She: Hung up

I shocked called again and the cell was switched off!! Of course she had switched it off!!
Lot of discussions, talk of abusing her with office people. I even tweeted it and a few amicable souls responded and well I was really troubled. I called up Airtel got the sim card blocked.

I walked back home in the romantic evening time thinking about allocating some money to buy a new phone, what I would do without my contact list etc etc...

I reached home, went to kitchen, my mom had made some fried rice for me. How thoughtful!! I looked towards the microwave and on it lying inconspicuously as ever was well, my cell phone!!!!!

Yes, apparently I had left it at home, and probably the woman I had called up was a wrong number. Why she didn't tell me that when I confirmed the number with her I really don't know. 
Why the cell was 'switched off' I also don't know cause it was very well on. 

Finally I called up the airtel guys explaining them that I blocked the sim card and now I want to unblock it. 
The entire unblocking took me 3 hours!! Blame it on the Airtel customer service. :p It all got done though I now have my cell phone as good as ever!

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