A/C Volvo-ers!

@cousins place in Bangalore... will be soon going malling

Just spent two nights in A/C volvo's. I noticed something very interesting about these Volvo-ers!

Both the coaches were video ones in the first trip from Mumbai to Goa the bus guys played first CD of Singh is King TWICE in the night. yea after the CD got over once he replayed it.
While I was totally feeling weird about it, no one from the viewers went to tell the guy that the CD was replaying!!

Then in the morning he put the first CD of Om Shanti Om! After it got over he refused to put the second CD saying that Goa had already come! However there was still 45 minutes of travel!

Again from Goa to Bangalore in A/C Volvo, the dude plays the first CD of Dev D at night and then plays Race in the morning! No one says anything!

At night while coming to Bangalore the bus just halted. The engines were closed it remained this way for about an hour! Only some 3 guys woke up and went out... a few more peeped out of the window... rest simply continued slumbering!!
I couldn't keep sitting :) I myself ventured out and saw that there was an accident since I could see all broken glass and there was a real jam.

I find the total non responsiveness of the Volvo-ers too surprising! Generally even in flights people are always asking questions. If there is a delay or some glitch with video they will all talk/ voice their opinions.
Here there was none of that!

Over all having a good trip :) Cheers!

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