Some places to see in Mysore, these post is like a travel brochure but this city is so pretty that I feel it is worth it!

* Kukarahalli Lake
This is a really beautiful lake. It has a walking track all around it. One side of the path is for serious walkers which is straight and smaller.
The other round bit is a mud path which is almost 3 km. This path is awesome, this is a real sylvan stretch. There is some very varied bird life there.
Pelicans, egrets, ducks, moor-hens, robins, storks, kites etc etc (I am into bird-watching so these are all very authentic names not randomly calling a water bird a duck :P)

* Karanji Lake
This is another beautiful lake in Mysore with some picturesque pathways, benches. It has boating, a bird-watch tower, butterfly park. This lake garden also has India's only walk-through aviary. This is a closed dome where a lot of birds are freely roaming around and we can just walk through. Many peacocks, white peacocks, geese, partridges, ducks are here. Its quite small but a very different experience to be with these birds.

*Mysore Zoo
I was interested in going for the zoo when I read it is one of the top zoos of India. They have many successful breeding, exotic species here. The chimpanzees can be found in only this zoo in South Asia.
Giraffes, hyenas, white tigers, snakes, crocodiles, african elephants, gazelle, black bucks, chinakara, gorilla, babboons, otters, so many birds, reptiles! It was amazing!

*Planet X
Too much nature stuff?? Planet X is a full blown gaming place with go-karting, bowling and a lots more. I did not go here but should be a good place to have some city fun.

*Chamundi Hills
These are beautiful hills where a lot of yogi's spent time, so are a powerful place if you are into yoga, meditation. There is a temple there which is famous, I did not go there cause I am not into temples and also a very huge Nandi there.

*Mysore Palace
You will probably go here if you go to Mysore, it is the usual touristy stuff. Worth one visit, some of the palace rooms are quite ornate worth a dekko. There is elephant, camel riding here for 600 INR. Too costly I thought

*Kalidas Road
This is the typical place to go if you wanna loiter around look at small shops. This is also the place to look for good small restaurants, mobile shops, dhobis, stationery, cyber cafes, medicines etc etc. This place also has the Subway outlet, which I frequented a lot! :p
I also had a chat with the lady cause they were not giving me a proper bill, and taking VAT!! Nobody in Mumbai takes VAT on Subway, these people did.

* Windflower Resort
This is a beautiful resort which is a really good place to stay if you can afford it. Lowest room costs 3900 INR.

*Youth Hostel
This is where I stayed, it is a dorm fairly clean, safe. Over all a very good lodging for 65 INR a day :)

Around 30, 40 km from Mysore there are many places. I did not go there, but I am listing a few here
Vrindavan gardens, Hoysala temples, Infosys training centre, Tipu Sultan's tomb etc etc

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