Props for Difficult Conversations #communications

My last conversation was on getting into the right perspective to have difficult conversations. Moreover you can also think about props! It sounds cheeky and stuff but these things might really help! These things are not MUST haves and different things work for different people but, give it a thought at least.

Food: Food works for me, I don't mean take your lunch plate there. Some snacks like salted cashews, chocolate bar, chips, a fruit while having these talks are great. It helps relax the mind (for me). Even chewing a gum might help.

Shawl/Jacket: A warm stole, jacket helps give a cozy feel. So if you are a shawl person then go ahead and take your favourite one with you.

Water: Always remember to carry a small bottle of water with you, especially if you think you might cry. Also it might help you to take a micro break where you drink some water...

Cap/Hat: It hides the face :p That might hamper though... but if it works for you then its cool

Helps a lot to have something to fiddle with. It can also get distracting though.

Light Music: You might like light music playing in the background. Try taking a walkman or laptop with you.

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