The best domestic air travel websites #India

I recently found out about a couple of air travel websites for India. When I checked they gave cheaper tickets than my usual websites. I thought of making a comprehensive list of air travel sites, mainly for domestic Indian fliers so we can get the best deals!

I have taken a test flight from Mumbai to New Delhi on 22nd November, so we can see the cost variations in the lowest rate available at the respective site.

- Akbar Travels Online: I was not aware of this website until @aeshang told me about it a few days ago! It really has some substantial discounts for certain routes. For our test flight the ticket costs INR 5045 for Go Air flight.
It offers limited international flight bookings. It also has rail, car and cruise booking facilities.

- Yatra: The rates for our test flight is INR 2699 (!!) for an Indigo flight. They have a lot of deals, discounts, offers etc.. but these need to be read carefully cause often good sounding deals get you only some hundred or two hundred rupees discount.
They offer international flights, rail, bus and car bookings.

- Cleartrip: They have a calendar feature. I find this really helpful, while planning a trip I can see which days in the month give me the lowest fare and I can plan accordingly. The price for our test flight is INR 5320 for a Go Air flight. They also have a mobile application and train bookings.

- Make My Trip: They have a mobile feature, international air booking, rail and bus booking in India. The test flight fare is INR 5323 for Go Air.

- Ixigo: Has limited international flight booking. Indian rail and bus booking possible. The fare for our test flight is INR 5273 for Go Air flight. It has some interesting fare mapping and graph features.

- Rediff: The lowest price for our test flight is here at INR 2525 in Spice Jet!
Updated: This is actually not all inclusive fare (surprising). The all inclusive fare is INR 5274! They have a calendar feature which is really useful for planning a trip. They also have train bookings.

After seeing the rate fluctuations, I think we should always check all these sites before booking... cause there is a lot of cost variations.

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My friend just mentioned Ezeego as another option. It has a beta Hindi website.

Do you know of any other domestic air travel options?

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