Internet brings to fore problems that anyway existed

Recently came across an interesting article about how Internet is badly affecting people's concentration and ability to focus. People are getting used to small snippets of information like tweets, status updates. Instant communications like email, IM chats are simply distracting people for long patches of time. They are not able to read long articles, reports.

I actually don't agree with this, cause in any job, if not the internet distractions then there are other distractions. When there was no computer were there no distractions? Didn't people come and talk to each other? If they did it could be coined as 'distraction', if they didn't it would be isolation. Isn't it?

In a really busy office, I am sure the people were interrupted a LOT with new memos, work, files, personal chats, secretary stuff etc.. Its the same , if a person is busy on the internet they are interrupted a lot by emails, chats, tweets etc... If they are not that well connected then they will not be!

I remember before when I was not into social media, I barely got any emails, tweets, orkut notificatons. Was this less distracting? No. It was because I had nothing going on, in the net world!

When I have made many connections, have work assignments and have connected with a lot of friends etc.. on the net, I do get loads of email and tweets and facebook notifications. I am glad for these, cause they bring me work or a greeting from someone or foster my friendships.

Yes some amount of it is distracting but that needs to managed as other offline distractions are managed.

An interesting video I saw on TED about social networks being used in offices. How it fosters the basic intimacy between loved ones,

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