Twitter and Hollywood

Social media is all the rage. The usual computer user now has a way to make his voice heard. Even if the companies don't listen, other usual computer users do! The usual computer user watches MOVIES!

Consequently, when a new movie is a total hit with the first few to watch it, they let their social networks know about it. Reviews spread virally, and usually for aniticipated movies the reviews trend on Twitter. If the movie bombs then the news spreads virally and the ratings fall at a much faster rate than before. 'Before' was when social media was not all a rage.

Twitter also boosts the anticipation levels for an awaited flick. New Moon has been trending from last couple of days. An Indian, I thought maybe it was a more auspicious or inauspicious new moon day than usual. However soon I realised this was about the new upcoming movie New Moon!

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