Getafixx: Get experts to fix your problems

I have recently been working on many fronts. Just finishing a content writing assignment for a friend, volunteering for an NGO, photography shoots and the usual social media marketing.

Recently I came across a cool way to connect with experts from these fields and take a few tips and tricks or discuss problems. Its an instant messenger app called Getafixx, being offered by a startup Voicetap. I tried Getafixx out, while it did not offer me any exotic potions to gain super strengths (the apps name has been taken from the druid in Asterix and Obelix comics) it did give me the option to connect with a wide range of experts.

I myself input some fields in which I can give tips to people. All the chatting happens via Getafixx so its not like after giving tips etc., the person will show in my IM buddy list. That could be a problem. There is also an option to rate the expert I just spoke to, so that kinda takes care of kooks on the list.

Its kind of like wikipedia, more the people that connect through it, more useful it becomes.

To add it to your IM you have to add as a buddy and then say 'hi' to it...

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