Unique Identity Solution - Augmented Reality AI

N Nilekani left his Infosys job, to get every Indian an unique identification number. With all the upcoming augmented reality technology advancements, I wonder whether this is not too old age!

I am thinking of AI where camera's scan a persons face and with the photo finds their identity on a social network. Using a Google Goggles kind of application. Basically what every citizen needs is to be registered on a social network. This social network can be a government owned one where every entry is verified. Like issuing a ration card, they issue a social network profile.

Moreover, this photo scanning and searching technology will soon be small enough to be built into mobiles. So if I go to a new location, or even my neighbourhood I can turn it around so it scans the people's faces there. It then quickly searches for those people on Facebook, Twitter and displays the info for all those that have made their accounts public. Not only does this increase mingling, interacting but also increases trust in some ways.

While what I am thinking here maybe quite futuristic but the truth is that by the time we get our unique identification numbers it will already be obsolete technology compared to the stuff happening in the tech advanced countries.

Just found a video about the concept I am talking about.

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