Fantastic Six for Marketing on LinkedIN

LinkedIn has quite a professional look to it. It often daunts people who want to talk about their product or service. Here are some simple tips to get you started with your online marketing on LinkedIn

Answer Relevant Q's
Search for answers for the keywords related to your business.
You can go through some of the 'All questions' they can be very insightful read! More importantly see the 'Open questions', just to give you an idea of the relevancy, the results for searching social media just now were the following....

The relevancy and importance of these questions is amazing. So basically there is some really good, high quality information exchange happening on LinkedIn.

One simple way to market is to find questions that talk about your type of product or service and reply to it by mentioning your brand/service.
(I am NOT talking about SPAM answering where you answer is not relevant to the Q, but you still keep it to create a link!)

Status Update
I have configured my Feedburner to send out a tweet whenever a new blogpost is published on this blog. The prefix of that blog post tweet has a #in to it. This way every new blog post gets posted on LinkedIn via selective Twitter-LinkedIn update.

This post is visible for all your LinkedIn contacts to see.

Applications: Blogs and Slideshares
LinkedIn allows adding various applications to your home page. The bloglink and slideshare apps allow you to share your recent blog posts and Slideshare presentations.

Create a Group

This can be a good way of having a community. You need to figure out a niche that does not already have an active group. Create such a group and it should soon have quite a few members. Initially you might have to generate some discussions here but later it should pick up on its on.

Join Groups
Be a part of relevant group discussions, often you will find questions where you can talk about your brand or service. Be an active member of groups sharing your insights. This way you can then create a discussion yourself that talks 'around your brand' and it should not be marketing.

Once you become active on groups. You will often come across people who are looking for information or blog on the field that is related to your brand/service. You can message them, and network about the field, your brand etc... this can often be really helpful and you can land up with a customer or blog review or just some interesting chat.

Any other tips that you might wanna add to this list?

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