Guest Blogs on Nasik, Wave and Blog Themes

Taking it forward from my last post on guest blogging here are some of my guest blogs in the last few weeks,

The Religious Nasik

After a four-hour drive from my house in South Mumbai, I found myself approaching Nasik city. Spending a day there, I was surprised at the myriad host of religious places that the city has. Here are some of them to give you an idea about what a multi-religious fanfare this small city close to Mumbai really is.
watery lands

5 Killer Tips to select a Blog theme

Some things I learnt while choosing this new blog theme...

Marketing on google Wave
After all the hype about Google wave and many people being disappointed with its usability and lack of invites. The question remains, how is it as a marketing tool? Here are some simple steps to begin marketing on Google Wave.
Google Wave Basics

BTW I still have Wave invites with me, let me know if you need one!

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