Journalism and Media OK, but what about Writing?

Read a lovely article today about how the internet has changed writing in the 2000's. It brings to fore a really important aspect of internet, web and the social boom about how people are constantly communicating through the typed word! Formulating a status update, chat message or comment, typing it down and ENTER! Its out into the world, for people to read!

Especially in the younger social network savvy generation this leads to a developed skill in communicating/writing albeit in their own slangy or sms language.

At the same time, people are mastering more kinds of writing. Other technologies that grew more popular this decade required a different mode of expression: Instant messaging invited a breezy, fast-thinking tone; blog comments (again, the thoughtful ones) sharpened our debate skills; Twitter enforced even more economy onto our words. In all of these, we were nudged toward something all writers aspire to: a strong, distinct voice.
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How do you think social networks particularly affects the communication skills of a person? Moreover do you think that the newer generation will be better at writing and networking skills due to social media?

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