Localized Trends on Twitter

A few days back Twitter released Local trends. Tweeps can now see the Top 10 trends of a particular locality. Currently few countries and cities of US can see their specific trends, not yet available for India.

Location will soon be playing a huge role in social media. With their geo-tagging feature Twitter is not just about What are you doing? its also about Where are you?

Some uses for these local trends:

Trend for Less (Marketeers alert!)

It takes a huge number of tweeps to be tweeting in huge numbers about a topic for it to trend. Now with localized trending topics, these numbers are all reduced.

It will be much easier to trend for say Ireland than it is to trend Worldwide, even easier to trend for a city Las Vegas than trend for a country US! So even less popular stuff can now get quite a bit of publicity for a localized region!

This will definitely make Twitter even more marketeer friendly!

A Travel Guide

Going traveling? Check out the Twitter trends for that area! It can be a real good way to get to know the buzz in that place.

So if you are going to Ireland, the Irish seem really concerned about Football and Wayne Rooney, while if you were going to Los Angeles then the peeps there are a lot more affected by the funny commercial by MadTV on the iPad.

These trends when available for various cities in the world, will inevitably create communities. Any local event in the city that affects tweeps strongly will trend, thus including others in the same city to take interest in the event.
It will enhance a community feeling around tweeps.

What are your thoughts about location, social media and local trends on Twitter?

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