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Sometimes life becomes dull. One of the reasons for this is when we start doing stuff in the same monotonous way and don't innovate! The same happens with social media too, even though it is revolutionary and upcoming we tend to develop ideas about how to use a blog or a facebook fan page. While these How To's are good basic tips to start with, they are big dampers when they get rigid and we stop innovating.

This is something I see in many businesses that jump on the social media band wagon just to make a Facebook page or Twitter profile and then its all humdrum and nothing new! Today I came across a couple of ideas that seem to me a real good usage of simple social media tools.

An Open blogpost
An open discussion about 'How Bloggers come up with Post ideas' at Remarkablogger has become just like a forum discussion in the comments section. I found it really innovative. Remarkablogger is replying to all the comments, which are really good and other readers are also reading and replying to other's comments. There is an option to 'like' particular comments.

Another idea I had was that instead of starting a website page as the default for starting a company, only a Facebook fan page would do! Getting the vanity URL is free so no spending even on getting a domain name and/or hosting! Though the money may not be the prime concern, the Facebook fan page can be a more practical idea.

  • It gets good google ranking
  • You can easily get the vanity url i.e.
  • Can be amazingly customized! Using something known as FBML.
  • Almost everyone online would be on Facebook and can not just visit the website, they can become fans, so its much better at keeping your visitor in the loop!
  • Now you don't need to have any other social media activities. Its a web address AND your social media presence.
What do you think about this idea? Do you have any innovative ideas or have you seen someone doing something funky on social media, let me know! :)

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