Another 'God Man' exposed #nithyananda but the Himalayas are truly awe inspiring

Another God Man has been exposed in India. Seriously I am so sick of these things! India can be considered to be a hub of myriad spirituality and religion. Its terrible when frauds start an industry of this!

One visit at Haridwar is enough to make one see such money grabbing and jerk-type saffron clad people, that made me prefer being an athiest when I was younger. This however is not the point of this blog post.

When Swami Nithyananda sex tapes came out everyone all over has gotten pissed and angry. #nithyananda was trending with some really hilarious tweets that should have shamed this bhondu (fake monk).

What I am wondering is that we as people are quick to anger and to start this sort of thing and get all our anger trending the topic etc.. but how often do we get stuff trending when it inspires us or brings us joy?

Its about time that spirituality or religion trends for the RIGHT reasons and not because there is some anger at a fake sadhu or because there is some fanatacism involved.

When I went to Haridwar its true that the pandals (saffron clad crazies) seriously bugged me, BUT the place was awesome! Sitting on the shores of Ganga seeing it flow by, watching the sunset, breathing the air can be something totally different. Travel further to the Himalayas and it has been the most beautiful place I have ever visited or could even imagine!

When do we ever get a trending topic like #awesomehimalayas or #himalayas with people just sharing how the place truly moved them in a positive way!

Are we as mankind quickly prone to anger and hate but hard-skinned to beauty and inspiration?

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