Shopping for a blog theme

Currently I am hunting for a Blogger theme for a company blog. Something simple yet striking. I am looking at themes one after another. Most of them are for different purposes. Often there is a tendency to start fitting the company blog into one of the themes in front of me.

If I did that then I would be left with a theme I am not happy with. The reason for this is that I need a theme for my company blog... but instead it became a matter of fitting the company blog into the theme.

I dunno if you get what I am saying.

I find it a good exercise even at other times in life for eg. : when I go shopping, we are given so many options. I envision in my mind what am I looking for. A skirt, pant, baggy pants, some fashionable, or something casual or a homewear pajama.
This is important cause then I simply pass on stuff I definitely am not looking at. It makes the process of making the choice for the dress much simpler.

Same way for the theme I am looking at slowly I create an image in my head of how I want it. Without this I might try to push the company blog in any random theme and not be able to create something I am happy with.


Maybe I will get it custom designed now that I have the pic in my mind.

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