Automated Content Generation

How important is automated content generation in Social Media? I have seen many twitter profiles who have many automated feeds in their twitter. These are not bots, they are actually popular twitter people who for some reason are tweeting a lot of autofeeds! These tweeps often have over 10,000 followers. Moreover these feeds are not their own blogs or sites!

Is content that important?

I myself was trying out such feeds, but did not see much ROI in it, so have removed them as of now. Used moderately I find that such RSS updates are useful, as they reduce the need for content generation when managing accounts especially for companies.

Mashable recently had an article stating that on Google Buzz, 89% of the content is autogenerated! Thats a pretty huge figure!

Most of this automation is from Twitter sync where tweets of the individual get buzzed also. It also includes RSS of blogs, newspapers etc... I have very promptly stopped following anyone who has synced their twitter with buzz! I anyway would follow them on twitter.

I myself have synced this blog to my Buzz, Twitter and Facebook. That I feel is useful since I often forget to update the networks individually.

What do you think about auto generated content? What are your thoughts on your twitter or buzz contacts sending out feeds?

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