LinkedIN crosses 5 million users from India

Information Week writes that LinkedIN Indian users are now over 5 million! I am seeing LinkedIN becoming popular with Indian users. A lot of my friends most of them non-social network savvy are signing up and adding me as contact.

I also know companies that are recruiting via LinkedIN especially in the IT sector. Currently in small numbers, but in time the HR and recruitment guys will make their way to LinkedIN and use it as a great way to source talent.

I also came across a LI type Indian network for professionals called Brijj. This one boasts of 30 lakh + users. I have read in many social media articles that networking on niche networks apart from the leading FB, Twtr and LI is often very profitable. So I have signed up on this Brijj and will be checking it out! Will let you know if I come across anything interesting!

Are you on LinkedIN, if so how do you utilize it?

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