My experience at #TedxMumbai

Too much web stuff blogged yesterday. About time I shared my TEDxMumbai experience,

The event was at a well known place called The Blue Frog, where I had never been before. Yes strange as it may sound to some, my 'night life' mostly extends to staying awake for MahaShivratri :D

Well the The Blue Frog Audi is very nice, dim lighting but all in all gave a cozy feel to the place. I had met the speakers the previous night where the incident with Lakshmi took place, (I did not know it happened cause I was talking to a speaker about some great tips he was giving for Hamara Footpath. Dim that I am, didn't see anything strange in the entire room just walking out all of a sudden) Let me mention here that from what I saw, Lakshmi is a very nice person who speaks to everyone with a smile.

Coming back to TEDx, I had spoken to the speakers and thought they were pretty amazing bunch of people, but was not sure how their talks would go. As the day proceeded it was a little mind blowing in many ways.

The talks were fantastic which you will see as the videos come out.

Also to mention is that I have volunteered a lot and this was one of the best events I have helped out at.
The team I was working with were just so very accessible, and open to whatever I had to say. They were very friendly and helpful!

There were moments where I had goosebumps and tears welling up due to a touching talk, or cause I had bumped into someone really serendipitous ( I am not joking, will talk about some of the contacts I made and how they have helped me with my NGO in other blog posts) and there was a warm feeling of being part of a really nice team.

And so... that was how this Saturday went for me! I am now left with wanting to blog about each individual talk, but have time constraints.
I also need to sift through all the contacts I made and follow on the very, very helpful tips they gave for Hamara Footpath!

So guys, again if you haven't already, do check out, and stay tuned for the videos of TEDxMumbai.

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