SEO, SMO - What do you think?

Posterous recently introduced the custom domain feature. It has a blogger like option which lets you register a domain through them and they manage all the redirecting and directing automatically.
Pretty cool!

Previously I would have thought that since they have brought this feature in now, it meant that a custom domain couldn't be used on posterous before. Recently I figured that the domain can be forwarded to the posterous from the domain register service, too.

All this domain directing stuff would probably fall under the SEO work profession. The difference between SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO (Social media outreach) keeps merging every now and then. Recently I had a client for social media whose main concern was what Google ranking his site was getting. That is not really my job as far as I see it, but then social networks, and outreach does get a lot of Google love.

In fact my efforts including the wikipedia page, did get them some good results for various Google searches.

So I have had reason to ask the question about what is Social Media? I will write another post on that. let me know your thoughts!

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