Social Media in India Casestudies: IndiaSocial Contest

IndiaSocial had started a social media case study contest some time back. The results have come in!

Couple of things to note is that these guys were pretty visible about getting case studies and they gathered only 37 submissions which is pretty few I feel. So for some reason while a lot of social media stuff seems to be happening in India its yet very difficult to fathom exactly what all and where all...

I plan to go through the winners in depth, looking forward to some very insightful read! Here are the winners for the long term initiatives,

Pratham Books
I checked this one out, seems very cool indeed. Using Skype and Scribd in very useful ways. In fact I am thinking of checking their books out, we could use them at our street school!
This one is a real surprise, an NGO using social media so well! A real treat.

I have also featured these guys on my blog recently. They are leading in number of Fans in India and have been quite engaging. In my opinion its a fairly OK campaign. I wish they had more competition, big consumer brands that are popular with youngsters should be able to achieve these stats, what do you think?

Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.
Cleartrip is again an interesting read. The way they handled the Kiruba incident was nothing big considering that I don't think they had much of a choice, since all of twitter, figuratively speaking was angry at the incident! I think this sort of open responses are a very basic requirement for a company when they are using social media.
Their Facebook and Twitter are fairly good.
I expected more from the third winner, maybe an offline/online campaign or some such at least.

I am yet to take a look at the winners in the short term category, will blog on it soon!

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