Dell Go Green campaign

Some time back I had written about the Pepsi Refresh Project, its very beautifully branded :), but its only for US people. The Dell Go Green campaign works on a similar model, where people can submit their ideas that make gadgets eco-friendly. They have to then get votes for that idea. The ones with most votes win.

The Pepsi Project is much larger in scale, as it gives out cash prizes to help put the idea into fruition, so it will help NGO's and social groups in a big way! It also suits a giant brand like Pepsi.

Dell's attempt feels much more of social media campaign rather than real social help. I like the topic of inviting green ideas for gadgets cause e-waste is quite a neglected topic, but the top winners get Dell T-shirts!! Are you kidding me! Critics choice gets Dell laptops! Phaw! Dell should do better than that if it is to be a Real help with the environment!

I don't know why some these bigger brands end up being so stingy with their society improvement projects! Another example I have come across is the Times Groups, they made this center called Nalanda which offers free space for institutions that wanna hold yoga programs etc.. When I went there the first time I thought it would be a nice, sophisticated looking place! It was however a room that looked like a warehouse, without any paint, just a few rusted racks to keep the shoes. Some rickety tables... Really doesn't suit the brand! I mean I understand you are doing something for social good does that mean it has to be of low quality??!!

Coming back to the Dell campaign they have some interesting social media implementation with a group posterous blog, where anyone can send posts which get published after moderation. I myself sent them a guest blog, you can read that here.

Their facebook page is doing well with over 19k fans, while Twitter has 213 followers. I like the entire campaign as it is becoming a hub for ideas on e-waste, but as I said the winning prizes should be a lot more serious than just a few gizmos!

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