Integration of the Brand with its Online Campaign

Many brands are going for online campaigns which are around their industry but not directly related to their product or service. Here just analysing some campaigns taking into consideration one important aspect - integration between the Brand and the Campaign. Considered here are, Jiyo Life of Club Mahindra, Vista Surprise of Tata Indica and Living your Passion by ICICI Prulife.

Campaign: Jiyo Life
Very upbeat colors they go well with the theme. "show others how you jiyo life" by sharing a twitter status, flickr photo or youtube video. It also has many widgets where you submit your wishes and mark them when they are granted.
Facebook Fans: 24k +
Twitter followers: 2k +
Number of wishes on site: 548

All in all good campaign.

The integration with Club Mahindra is very little just minimal branding. The drawback of this is that all this buzz around Jiyo Life is not translating to the actual brand. Club Mahindra can be integrated much more with the campaign. If the brand is something like Finance or Bathroom fittings then making it very popular is sort of difficult but for something like Club Mahindra, surely a much more integrated sort of a campaign should be looked at.

Campaign: Vista Surprise
Spot the similarity of new Indica vista with older model and get a chance to win a brand new Vista! It prompts people to go take a test drive and spot the similarity.
Facebook Fans: 4,785
Twitter followers: 78

The campaign is completely about the car. Indica has no presence on social media other than this contest. This can only be a short term contest so making a page in its name seems silly. It would be better if they started a Tata Indica page and then hold the contest there as a pull to people to the official Indica page. So it would be long term, but spending in such a contest and then just leaving the page derelict seems silly.

Campaign: Living Your Passion
People can share their passions, get connected with people with similar interests through their app. They have also had some meetups from the community which is #cool!
Facebook fans: 25k +
Twitter followers: 134

As I mentioned that for brands like ICICI Prulife, this sort of campaign is really good. Even the website is portraying the message but it does not show anything about this campaign on it. Why not? In fact they have a official ICICI Prulife blog on the same theme of Living Your Passion. They may as well integrate it with the campaign blog! While I really like this campaign, the isolation between the brand and the campaign baffles me.

What are your insights on integration of a campaign with the brand?

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