New web dating site idea: Clicks2Click

Got a brainwave! (read about my other brainwaves here) :D

I was browsing Mashable (don't we all social media buggers?) and came across this headline,

"OkCupid uses Clickdata to match Users"

The article is about that website which is the usual mix of user generated content and all that jazz, but as I said, I got a brainwave! :)

The idea is to make different sort of web pages with different pictorial content, colors, shapes, even different written content. Any users clicks are recorded, as in where he clicks, which topics he seems to like, which colors does he click more often etc.. etc...

The layout of the entire website and the web page content and theme should be such that the users browsing says much about his personality, likes and interests. All his clicks are recorded and then using an intelligent algorithm his personality is charted out. Then according to these personality charts people are paired.

How does it sound? Do you think you might 'Click' with someone with similar 'Clicks' on a website??

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