More on the iPhone4

Some interesting blog posts I came across on the iPhone4,

RIP, Macintosh
This blog talks on how Apple Inc. is now forgetting its laptop Mac and focusing on the iPhone type stuff. The only reason I don't think the Mac can be pushed out of usage is cause the iPhone screen is too damn small, and also the iPad's. They are very good for mobile units but really don't compete with laptop UNLESS...

Unless the sci-fi type idea of a virtual screen becomes real. Like if the iPhone5 or iPhone6 has a button which I can click to create a working BIG touch screen and keyboard in front of us, like the 6th sense device. That would ROCK and would probably soon through the Mac out.. including all other laptops and laptop type devices.

What would the iPhone4 cost?
Well of course that is THE Question, isn't it. To really understand how much of our lives it will impact. If the cost is 50k as suggested on the blog, thats quite high! Would you buy a 50k iPhone?

How this will affect the existing Apple devices?

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