SMM Bootcamp with Digital Vidya

Last friday, I was at the SMM Bootcamp by Digital Vidya. I was the official twitterer, you can read my tweets at #digitalvidya on Twitter.

It was quite a fascinating event, starting with deep insights on the Chings Secret Facebook page. You should read the tweets, I have put down some of the salient points there.
it seems that they focus strongly on the CRM aspect. Their response time to any query on the page is as low as 5 mins!

All in all a very interesting session. Then we moved on to various social media stats, which was probably an eye opener for the other guys there as a lot of them were social media newbies.

Digital Vidya Bootcamp - Social Media Marketing

We had an activity which involved filling out forms which helped figure out the target audience and what their needs are and what the company can provide them with. It was very interesting, it gave me more clarity about what I should be posting on this blog. You might see the changes if only I had little more time to blog! (will write about whats happening with my company soon).

The whole point of it was to stop people from making a social media strategy on GUT FEEL but instead to actually understand the target audience and use relevant platforms to engage them.

At the end was the most awaited session where we created Facebook communities. Two groups competing with each other with a small advertising budget thats where we are at... lets see how it goes. This is our Facebook Fan page :).

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