Auto RSS on Twitter needs Spacing

Bunch of tools are available that provide automatic tweeting of any feed updates. (Hootsuite, Buzzom, SocialOomph) They provide options of doing it every 2,3,4,6,8,12 or 24 hours. The problem with these is that if I put in many feeds for a 8hr or 12 hr updation. All those feed updates are pushed out at the same freakin minute!!

It spams users. A feature which allows us to input a spacing time is needed. Like 15 or 30 minutes between each update. Currently I can safely put two feeds one for 8hrs and another for 12 hrs they would be tweeted together only rarely so I can avoid sudden flux of tweets.

These automated tweets are pretty good for company accounts. For my company DigiWhirl, updates are mainly automated. I already have my personal Twitter, so it didn't seem to make sense (mostly time wise) for me to have a very active one for my company. Every once in a while I do tweet custom stuff though.

That reminds me I am planning to experiment with those automatic follow/unfollow twitter clients. Where I can automatically follow all those following me and unfollow any unfollowers. I wanna see what results I get.

For people who want like 20k or 30k followers in couple of months I think that might be only option.

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