Creating Markets aka 'Market'ing

Came across this concept on @mrjain's blog about DeBeers the Diamond Giant. It an intriguing read on how they made Diamond Rings the symbol of an engagement ceremony so as to keep up the diamond market!

It made me realise what we call as culture might actually be the direct effect of 'marketing' gimics by huge corporates that gain a lot of money from it. Hmmmmph will older people understand that if I tell them?

DeBeer's and Google by priyanka

Later I read this other articles about Google and Sify, and they are around the similar topic about Big Brands and their markets.

Google gets into consulting small businesses. Google is actually into a lot of things.. some which we don't know of like they have this scholarship for youth into non-profits work.

Sify - Indian AOL? Its cool to understand how they went about tapping into their market.

Sify by priyanka

Brands and their market and how they influence 'their market' which we also call society??

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