Understanding Pressure

I have been thinking about Pressure (the pressures of life kind of pressure) and how that helps us work. Generally there is a tendency of people to think that Pain, Pressure, Hurt, Sickness are all 'BAD' things. I think that is a very vain sort of thinking, when a person does not want to challenge himself anything that is a little difficult to understand becomes BAD or avoidable.

All these aspects are very much part of life. Lately I was thinking about pressure and I saw a cycle within me. Pressure is mechanism to get things done, to become active and DO something than just sitting in a very passive state of inactivity.

When there is a sense of achievement the pressure slackens for sometime, but soon after a little worry starts. This worry builds up pressure and it again incites action. Basically pressure keeps us moving forward.

How well a person does is very closely related to how he can manage pressure. Can he keep his head, and stick to what he wants to do and excel at that, or does he get side tracked and end up doing bad work? Whichever way it is, Pressure will always be pushing us....

Its like Gravity, and an amazing example of what I am saying can be found in astronomy. In order to get away from Earth's gravity any space craft has to put in massive effort and its a pain how much fuel needs to be utilized to just push the craft away from Earth and into space.
There is a thing called Gravity assist - many missions have used the gravity pull of planets to save fuel and travel light! (Read more)

Similarly while initially we seem to think that "pressure aargghhhh we need to get away from it" its only until we understand how it works.

So its time to keep aside complaining or viewing Pressure as a negative thing and lets embrace it as it is a force that helps us achieve and aspire. This will also help us manage it better and not get freaked out by all the pressure around us.

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