Facebook bringing in some small changes along with Titan

While Facebook Project Titan takes everyone by storm.. Facebook has been bringing subtle changes in its features...

Friend requests
Before there were two options confirm or decline (or some such) now the second option has become 'Not Now' which means it doesn't get deleted it gets stored for later!

Deleting the friend request can only be done via clicking 'Not Now' and then quickly 'I don't know this person' in which case they wont be able to send you another req. The option disappears very quickly so if we miss it then the FR gets saved for later god knows when... and prolly will show up in an email reminder a month later!

Page Insights
Another small feature has been page insights which shows up after every post showing percentage of feedback. I really like this feature... overall FB insights are pretty good. They can be much better obviously but better than anything Twitter or Linkedin are providing!

I don't have much to say about Project titan cause I wonder how useful it would be. I don't see it replacing Gmail. Moreover it will be quite sometime before which we can trust Facebook security and privacy features ot really use it as an alternative email service. Though I haven't yet checked out the feature so will wait for that.

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