My worst interview - Does this happen due to Info overload?

It had to happen. Once I started a company and got down to recruiting, the first few attempts later I realized that recruitment is a hell of a job. Today 7 months down the lane I had the worst interview ever!

I explained to the potential candidate the work I would require from him and the guy saw no point in the activity. I tried to explain it.. but he really did not see any point. I thought that was fine considering his previous works had been in other domains - content writing and SEO.

I asked for alternative ideas that he might have, since he was clearly not happy with the strategy I had. Some of them were really crappy which could create a serious backlash for the client, others were good ideas but that was a different strategy altogether... and frankly nothing new. However, the interviewee promptly went on to tell me 'why not do something more constructive?' aren't you answerable to your client? Which was a bit too much! Considering that as yet I had not seen any concrete evidence of the person ever having handled a social media project before.

The interview ended by him telling me that he was ust trying to add value to the project. He was concerned about my reputation as a social media professional (yes, he used the exact words) and thats why he wanted my work to be good. After all this he kept insisting he was only trying to provide value to the company and client. He still wanted the job, But he was not a robot who would take instructions from me and not question them.

What I saw is the lack of any humility to take up work from another person. This is something that I have been seeing often even happening when I myself was an employee. Very often there have been colleagues who think they are too great for this mundane works we are doing. "The boss is dumb, I know better and my genius is being stifled" except that often its the case of not being able to be humble enough to first learn the work, and learn it well.

I don't know whether there are always such people or its the times where at a young age people get exposed to lot of information. Where they are thinking about major business workings read on a blog without having an ounce of real life experience. Then when they do get to the point of 'Real Life' work they think they should be on the board of directors rather than intern position.

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