Ghajini and Aamir

Aamir's new movie Ghajini is set to have a very interesting promo which could very well bring a web 2.0 revolution into bollywood. The promos for Ghajini are planned to be online ONLY. Being one of the first bollywood stars to start a blog Aamir used his online presence really well to promote Jaane Tu... He also asked users feedback on a song which could be featured on Jaane Tu..
So this online promo for Ghajini is not such a surprise.
Supposedly a very interactive website is planned for the film, it might also have an extension on the mobile!

One of the reasons for this working big time is cause whatever information lies on the web about Ghajini will be printed in news papers too. So inevitably the film will be getting write ups, offline.

A new film being released needs publicity and the media needs news to publicize so it is a symbiotic cycle.
Ghajini opting for an internet only promo, the cycle gets offset!
I am really looking forward to what will happen, if it works, nothing stops other movies to start doing this. And if hit bollywood film promos are online then the masses will be inevitably attracted to the web!
And this excites me cause it might spell literacy and progress!

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