Rani Bagh Modernization

Rani Bagh is to be modernized and I think it is a very good idea especially since the government has given the contract to a Malaysian company. (I was thoroughly impressed by the gardens, lakes and other scenic structures in KL) 
So the plans for this modernization include an aquarium, theatre, exploration centre, extension to the animal hospital and more.
If these facilities are close to international standards then it will be really good! Though I haven't been to Rani Bagh lately, I don't expect much from it. I have been to the Taraporewala Aquarium on Marine Drive and well it is totally disappointed. 

However regarding the modernization there have been concerns raised, mainly that lot of rare trees will have to be cut to do all the planned construction and that the entry fees will be increased, which would restrict the local man to enter.
They have started a website to garner support for their cause: 

Thinking about saving trees I actually remembered a scenario at the Isha Foundation, I worked at their yoga centre for a year.  Well they had acquired two coconut groves and construction was to take place at one of the groves so they actually uprooted the coconut trees and replanted them in the other grove. 
And I had seen this by my own eyes, the site of an uprooted tree being lugged by a crane truck, it was awesome! That was one of the sites at the ashram which really awed me, amidst all the politics and work pressures. 

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