Large Hadron Collider

I just received a mail, from one of my friends regarding the large hadron collider. There was a lot of talk about the LHC destroying the world, and it was well a very, very non-scientific thing to say! I didn't waste my time even reading those articles, but supposedly there was a lot of talk about the world getting destroyed due to the LHC. Well this link tells you exactly whether the LHC, has destroyed the world:

Anyway I got really excited when I found this video on the net, that I actually twitted it around! And I dont tweet much! (referring to twitter, a social media network)

You might think that this is a pretty geeky rap and that this post in general is off the topics of this blog. And that this post is geeky. Well I am a graduate in science and well I will be coming up with more geeky stuff sooner or later :D

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