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Mario Sundar's blog is one of the few social media blogs I follow. Others I check off and on are Mashable, WAT Blog and Chris Brogan. Mario has just compiled his list of top 15 corporate blogs for September, 2008.
The top 5 are:
Google: Google is just being Google here! :D They have these interesting posts on the new developments, happenings, web 2.0 news and trends on their blog. Comments are off, but I can easily imagine tons of geeks following everything that is written here.
Twitter: I have still not really gotten down to using twitter. But many interesting things are happening here, like the recent post of this blog talks of a TV channel which is planning to take the twits during a political debate and show them on TV, making the screening more interactive. This is just one example on how microblogging is making its way into people's daily life!
Zillow: This blog is of a real estate firm, hence it is the first blog in this list that is of a  non-web related industry. The zillow blog has also been known to weather well a lot of negetive feedback, check this out. This is one of the reasons I wrote about in my previous post about why companies may not get into blogging.

Do you like reading any company blogs or do you have one?? If so, leave a comment and let me know.

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