Phweet, Tweet and Comic Strips

Recently came across Phweet. For those who came in late (think spiderman), phweet is a platform to tweet via the phone. 
Hence, Phone + Tweet = Phweet
Recently they started a 'coffee talk' feature where in a host can start a Phweet URl and people can come there and phweet upon a topic!
So I am thinking this would be like having your own chat room at rediff but now people can join in via phones and the people will probably be web 2.0 geeks :p

For those that don't get anything of the above let me explain ....
It all started with a site called, well it is a social networking site and users just keep updating what they are doing. 
eg: having soup
Now a tweet like this can be very useful if family members across the globe get to read it instantaneously, ofcourse there are many more uses to it. 
This kind of blogging is called micro blogging, where the user is basically posting up one-liners or even questions for your friends and followers to read.
So now these little one-liners are called Tweets. This is where Phweet comes from.
Read more about twitter here.

Well just asked my friend about Phweet and he directed me to this funky comic place in the web world.
It is called penny arcade and has bunch of interesting comics of latest issues. Like check this one out on Consensus.

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