Hamlet - The Clown Prince

Saw this shakespearian tragedy enacted by clowns at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu couple of days back. Its a very good play. It is partly in English and partly in some european language we are not supposed to understand.
At one point, there is a play in a play in a play being enacted on stage! If you know Hamlet's story, you would know a play Murder of Gonzales is enacted within the story to incite the cruel step father and real mother to confess. 
This Rajat Kapoor's play is about a company of clowns who decide to do something out-of-the-box and enact a shakespearian tragedy.
Its definitely worth a watch and the tickets cost a measly 50 buc
ks!! The crowd at Prithvi is amazing too! 
In this post about performing arts I have two other events I want to mention.
Pearl Fisher was a Indo French Opera I watched some years back. Its the only opera I have watched and it was an awesome experience. Very touching and romantic.
The other play I watched is one which was completely in gibberish. There were only 3 men on the stage (foreigners) and they just went on and on in gibberish about some political debate. And we were just spell bound by their performance. This one was completely in gibberish and I felt I understood everything which was and still is such a pleasant contrast to all those conversations I keep having where I feel I have understood nothing. 
And yes I have forgotten the name of this play. :)

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