Sergey Brin Blogs

In the two days of the weekend that I was off gallavanting and doing other mysterious activities with a bunch of my friends I was surprised to find that, Sergey Brin the founder of google happened to start his personal blog! Which interests me enough to have a look. 

The blog is pretty simple like any other guys personal blog. A bit too devoid looking since there are no side columns as of now.
What amazed me more is the amount of publicity this blog is getting, a simple google blog search for 'sergey brin blog' gets 33,471 entries!!
And now probably one more (mine) :D another surprising fact is that the comments are 0!! Are the readers being polite and not commenting or are the comments being moderated?? Probably both!

I have mentioned it before that google is almost a household name now, or atleast close to becoming one. It amazes me, being from India where internet usage is still limited to a small faction of population.

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