Space Elevator

Just read about Japan's plans to build a space elevator (it sounds so sci-fi!!). Estimated costs are about $9bn, and it seems technologically viable. With Virgin Galactic gearing up for its space flight and now this plan, of a space elevator, I don't think we are too far off to space colonization. Ofcourse hopefully both these plans do not become a fiasco like the ISS (after the space station is up and working people are questioning its use and maintenance costs, and are thinking of shutting it!!).
The Space Elevator seems a great idea firstly as a tourism gimmick, going into space in an elevator is something people will pay for! 
However for tourism the elevator will have to be transparent in some way which would allow tourists to see the climb! 
Other than tourism reasons it would help with launches, transporting material to space.
The elevator uses electricity this would save fuel required in a rocket launch which is great!!

Let me be clear here that I am thinking of a glass tube that extends from the Earth to some space pad. And a little
 travelling box moves via electricty through this tube carrying luggage and /or humans in it.
Another possibility is not a tube but a vertical skyway (like in Genting, Malaysia, see photo).
The scientists could be thinking of very different technicalities, so 
this article is coming under kooky stories :D

Check out the wiki for more.

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