Commercialization and Consumerism

 I often wonder before writing a post whether I really have something worth your (and my) while, :) what do you think??
As a journalism student we often discuss commercialization and consumerism.
I would define commercialization as: when excessive money-making becomes a crucial part of work or of what you do, and consumerism as: catering to peoples wants.
Commercialization has really crippled society and I consider consumerism a direct consequence of that. When someone is looking to make excessive money, the best and easiest way would be to cater to people's wants.
In terms of media we can see it clearly, initially mass media is a tool for people who really want to communicate something to society at large. Slowly from being thought propagators, today we have come to times where editorials are being sold.
Newspapers are catering to people's wants. What is really wrong with that??
Well, I guess cause there are those that we call heroes!
What mahatma Gandhi did I am sure nobody wanted it. In fact the satyagrahis probably did not realise before listening to Gandhi that they might end up fasting for a month after listening to this guy. If they knew they might have decided to sleep in their beds than listen to him, but they did hear him and these people along with Gandhi achieved something remarkable!
But when such heroes are not part of society, then should media begin to cater to the masses every whim and fantasy?? Like a news channel broadcasting news of 'an alien spotting' which any intelligent man can see was clearly a hoax!!
Least that can be expected is that they propagate education, liberty, social awareness, equality and sense in people. 
But the media today, sadly fails.
However this is not affecting only media today. I spent a year at Isha Foundation and I found both commercialization and consumerism rampant, it has made me question what happens at these so called social welfare organizations and spiritual organizations, are they really a better working environment than other more materialistic pursuits?? 
And really is there a way to make society more humane, more caring towards one another??
And most importantly for me, is to see in what way I contribute to these, and what I can do about it.

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