St. Xavier's

Today I have had the most nostalgic experience of my life. I met up with an old friend of mine. We all are St. Xavier's Alumni and after having food at Sassanian, once a usual haunt, we headed for college (can't think of not being a part of it) and hung out there.
Going there we cooked up long tales we would tell the watch man if he stopped us, but I guess we don't look un-xavierized :p and he barely even looked at us!
Free to go in, a walk through the beloved quadrangle left us floundering critically close to tears.
My friend wanted to check out the hostel and we headed there, sitting on the hostel steps the immensity of my nostalgia struck me. Man I thought, I have been with so many institutions, spent lot of my time there but I haven't missed any so much, nor have I felt like I belonged there for so long.
I remember my school, leaving it was sad but I somehow grew out of 'school mode' very soon and frankly did not think I could spend much time there any more.
But the days of Xavier's still remain in my heart.
The whacky physics  faculty and awesome maths faculty. This is also where I met/saw (whatever) Mrs. Mangala Gurjar. I sometimes wonder whether I took up maths in my last year simply because of her. The days of the third year, sitting in the classroom on the terrace where it seemed on top of the world and studying Math!!! Sometimes taught by Mrs. Gurjar, man those days were something else! (Don't think I am a complete geek, I used to bunk a lot cause I couldn't wake up)
Finally I just bought myself another Xavier's Tshirt in gray this time cause my black one is fading and left....

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