You'll haven't misread the title of this article, it isn't English (you phew in relief you haven't come across yet another unknown english word). It is actually the ancient language of Alagaesia, in the inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini :p
This is the 3rd book of the cycle which was surprisingly released on my birthday and I didn't even know about it otherwise some of my friends would have to gift it to me :p
This book was very very good. It was the writing style that made all the difference, cause many of the 'secrets' revealed are quite traditional ones (Like stories of the Edunari of the dragons is very common if I can say so of such a royal race) and if written poorly would become very cliched! But it was not so, the narration kept me in the story all the way through, so much so that by the time the book ended I wanted a lot more.
This book did not surprise me it just became more and more delicious, especially the Brisingr Sword bit was awesome!! 

Fo those that have not read the inheritance trilogy well if you like fantasy fiction then I would suggest go for it. The entire story from Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr is not exactly novel or different or anything but it is written in a very quaint, honest manner that renders the story very interesting.

You can play an interesting Inheritance cycle game here. It is a java based one with no graphics and not many might enjoy it or get the hang of it. But I really like these kinds, will write more on these java games later.
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