Ever since my pc became disfunct due to an unknown malady, I have been looking for good games I could play on my laptop. Just came across yesterday evening have played it for quite some while since then.
It is pretty good, no download required. There is a free version and an upgraded one for which one needs to pay. It is a RPG with 3 choices of character warrior, mage or rogue. There are quests for all and a large number of them. 
The console and mobility of player is not great but it is mostly compensated by the large number of options available, there are many cities to travel to, many places to fight (mainly). Also the creatures that one can virtually combat are varied from a stone to an undead elf to a coke machine.
The characters have wierd and surprising dialogues like an evil character which calls himself "EBIL... because I am better that EBIL... but that wood make me good... (something) .. I ma EBIL." :D
Also encounter with death is the best, if you die in a fight you meet death who has already had his fill of souls hence, you can go free but you then owe death a favor. :p
So this is a pretty interesting game mainly for people whose pcs will not fulfill too many of the new game requirements like a ATI Radeon graphics card, large memory space etc...
It can easily be played on a laptop without downloads, only registering is required. It can also be played along with work. It doesn't clow down my comp speed either!! :)

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