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Mashable has just compiled list of 15 sites for backyard astronomy. http://mashable.com/2008/10/04/astronomy-sites/
I left a comment:
Sky and Telescope is my favourite site, it has one of the most easily usable ‘today’s night’ sky charts that I have come across.
Just a few years back I got myself an amateur telescope from Tejraj & Co. It was awesome to actually see the planets. My telescope allows me to see Saturn's Rings, 4 major moons of Jupiter and in amazingly clarity the Moon. 

In fact at Isha Foundation I was an astronomy teacher in one of their international level schools for a month or so. Those are one of my most wonderful moments working! I also saw a few moons of Saturn, Orion Nebula in great clarity, with a more powerful telescope they had.

Hamara Footpath is another volunteer organization that educates street kids, with one of their teaching locations quite next to my house. I want to have an astronomy viewing night with these kids too... lets see when and how it happens.

An astronomy bit that I find really funny is the name a star registry, :D it really tickles me, it points to the addiction that human race seems to have of naming stuff. Whatever they see has a name! Often it is forgotten that the 'name' is just a communication convenience and nothing more.
The naming of a star costs around $60 without frills. That is 2500 INR. And they provide you with a very cool certificate.
Also there are other sites with lower prices :D maybe they have booked separate sections of the sky from the sky god! Read more...
Better would be to look at the brightest star in the sky and tell your loved one that it will always remind "me of you" :p Saves the cash and could be a very romantic moment. 

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