Excessive Sex in Society

Recently I got a mail about the 'hottest lookers review contest', I was surprised cause google does a good job of keeping SPAM out my inbox. So I opened the mail and found:

Dear Priyanka,
These are some of the Hottest Lookers in business. Check them out. 

He's matured like vintage wine. You just cannot have enough of him.

He's a perfect blend of brain n' brawn. Drool!

This sultry siren will take your breath away

(and some more links)

I was going to delete it as porn, just when I happened to see who the mail was from, Head Member Support, Mouth Shut.

And I was totally taken aback, why was a site which I thought was reputed, marketing themselves like porn?? Is it just me, do others think it is good marketing? 

I am questioning why companies not just mouth shut a lot of them, why do they market themselves so much?? Initially I thought it is the competition but lately I have been thinking that it is not the competition, the funda really is that people 'don't' need to use their services and they are just using whatever leverage they have against people, which is appealing to their sexuality! 

I am really NOT OK with the wide promotion of sex that is happening left, right and centre. Probably the companies will say that it sells I am sure it does.... which brings me to a question of work ethics, which I shall discuss later.

Right now I just think that this irrelevant reference to sex with every product that our generation is using is making people mentally sick, now when a young boy sprays his axe deo he could easily be thinking of bedding a bengali house wife because of the advert (where a dude sprays axe deo and passes near a bengali house wife and a picture is flashed of them having sex).

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